We are a Professional Team dedicated to providing you with Business-Business solutions in high-level translations.

Our organization has professionals of great prestige who are at your service 24 hours a day and at very competitive prices.

Direct attention: 99630-5633 / 441-0004
E-mail: kiwut@yahoo.com

Translation services:
Legal, Commercial and Technical Area
Official Translation
Documents with stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, seal and signature of sworn translator.
Certified Translation Documents with stamp and signature of collegiate translator.
Unofficial Translation
Documents that require translation without a stamp.


Translation and Interpretation Service in the following languages:
Spanish – English and vice versa
Spanish – French and vice versa
Premium Services::
Translation of thesis and projects
Web Sites Translation
Transcription of Audios, cassettes, mp3, etc.
Text Review


Complementary services
Assistance in filling out forms for fellows
Conversation in English
English leveling classes
Spanish classes to foreigners

San Jerónimo Medal awarded to Lic. Juana Verónica Valdivia Ramírez,
from the Association of Translators of Peru for her 22 years of professional work.

Direct attention:: 99630-5633 / 441-0004
E-mail: kiwut@yahoo.com